WND&WVS Film and Art Festival Recap with Jenny McNulty

Jenny McNulty is a professional photographer and creative from Maine who was kind enough to take her camera out just for fun for the first WND&WVS Film and Art Festival up in Burlington, Vermont. We sent Jenny a couple questions to get her opinion of the show, so enjoy her perspective on the event through some words and images.


CVR: Where did you and your husband Aaron come up from?

We came from Rollinsford — its a border town of New Hampshire and Maine — about twenty minutes from Portsmouth.

CVR: How was the trip up?

It was a rainy, chilly drive in the van, but a spontaneous road trip is never a bad thing!


CVR: Have either of you spent much time in Vermont?

We love Vermont. I spent a lot of time as a kid with cousins in Island Pond and Aaron (husband who runs Shaping The East) spent even more of his childhood in Burlington and Jeffersonville, and lived there for a few years off and on. We try to visit as often as possible.

CVR: What was your first impression of the WND&WVS Surf Club?

The surf club was rad as hell. Such a good vibe and a really sweet spot.

CVR: What was the vibe of the event like for you?

We loved the look of the buildings and they made the perfect backdrop for Aaron’s surf shots. Kevin was awesome and everyone was so laid back. The fires were crucial for keeping the wet chill away and added a great vibe. Aaron was psyched to have his art there and it was a perfect fit to be representing the Seacoast area, which is the nearest surf spot for Vermonters.


CVR: How did you approach the event and overall scene from a photographic standpoint?

Even though I shoot for a living, I’m always into capturing stories and documenting events, so grabbing the camera for a bit was fun.

CVR: Looking forward to similar events?

Outdoors films are the best, and we definitely hope there are more collaborations and events like this in the future.

Click here to see more of Jenny’s images from the event and make sure to check her out on Instagram (@wyldephoto)

TJ Thran