The area's finest log drivers properly squared up ... vying to take home rights to three (3) custom axes. Jam format & judged by peers. Certification required.
Surfer: Pat Cullen Board: 9'7 Mayo Surfboards Music: "Love Frequency" by Subphylum
Surfer: Claire Hodson Board: 9'6" Soundings Pulpit Music: "Salt / Swallowing Sea" by Ainsley Farrell
Surfer: Josh Oakley Board: 8'6 Dewey Weber Performer Music: "I Don't Know" by Triptide
Alas, a July with real waves. Enjoy. Or don't. Whatever. Wave Sliding by Matt Baron, Steve Torrisi, Matt Nota, Andrew Fisher, TJ Thran, Will Simons, Andrew Nota, and Cheyne Cousens. Film by TJ Thran, Andrew Nota, and Callie-Rae Cashin. Still Photography by Andrew K. Fisher Soundtrack by Jon Rossi

Team Octogenarian is inspired by at Golf TV advertisement to attend the Logstradamus Festival of Vibes in the 9th Parallel of the 13th Dimension. Will they win the wizardly truck? Who knows. We do.

Surfer: Cheyne Cousens Board: 9'6 Omen x Bing Music: "We Wait" by Jon Rossi
The first in a new series of LogRap inspired single-session, multi-surfer episodes. Featuring Steve Meledossian, Kerry, Connor Horiagon and Blaine Lidsky. Music: "Wonderful" (feat. Devon the Dude) by Cunninlynguists
Here are some quirky surfing and b-roll clips of May and a little bit of April featuring the musical stylings the Quirks. The song is called "Circus/Reverberation." All surfing shot in Rhode Island.